Ibanez mandolin från 1976 Modell 524 Ibanez top of the line.

Skuret lock av finaste gran.
Lönn i botten och på sidorna.
Lönn i halsen med dragstång inuti.
Polerad Ebenholtz greppbräda med pärlemorinläggningar.
Högglanspolerad. Guldplätterade metalldelar.
Justerbart stall.

Tillverkad på 1930-talet.
Skuret lock
Platt botten

Låg bas men tydlig i diskant och mellanregister.

Ibanez is a famous Japanese instrument maker that first opened shop in 1908. During the 1970s, the Ibanez name was most associated with copy instruments of original models by Gibson, Fender and Martin. Their plan was to offer replica instruments that were well made for less than comparable USA manufactured models. Along with the generic copy guitars and basses, Ibanez produced Custom Artist Models for George Benson, Paul Stanley (Kiss), Bob Wier (Greatful Dead) and others. These were original Ibanez designs and are considered fine instruments. Collectors and dealers seek early production models of these Custom instruments. Ibanez also produced Master-Built instruments using the finest materials and their best craftsman. The luthiers and management at Ibanez regarded Gibson as a premier maker of vintage instruments and many of their best replica instruments were original Gibson designs. One vintage model they produced was the 524 Mandolin made in the late 1970s. This was a replica of Gibson's F-5 mandolin that the famous designer Lloyd Loar created in 1922. The serial numbers Ibanez used at the time were a letter followed by usually six digits, the first two being the last two digits of the year it was made (77 = 1977). Ibanez built their 524 model with the same construction and appointments as the vintage F-5 except for a tortoise shell headstock veneer and company logo. The top and back is solid tone woods and was hand carved like Gibson's original F-5. The Ibanez luthiers were very proud of these mandolins and signed each instruments label like Lloyd Loar did on early production models of his designs while he was working at Gibson. The success of these Ibanez models helped Gibson decide to reissue their own F-5 mandolin in 1978 calling it the F-5L Loar Reissue Model. The F-5L's List Price in 1979 was $2399.00. A high priced instrument at the time. Only the Kalamazoo Award guitar (Custom Archtop) at $2949.00 and The Les Paul guitar (Custom Electric) at $3000.00 were higher priced. These 524 mandolins are rare and represent a tremendous value in the marketplace today. They are highly rated by players and collectors appreciate their rarity and fine construction. The few 524 mandolins that have appeared for sale recently, sell for less than $1000.00. In contrast, an original Loar signed F-5 can sell for more than $50,000.00 and the reissue F-5L for more than $3000.00.